This is a bit of an odd article for me, as it really is not so much about how to do something, or how to solve a problem. This article is a personal observation about how computers work at a very basic level. I am not talking about the engineering, technology, and electronics. I am talking about the concept of storing memory and the retrieval of information, and how this can be done by pairing words and pictures.

Do a search on Google for “Electric Pickle” to illustrate what I mean.

Now this may sound silly and a bit of a stretch, but I picked electric pickle out of thin air as a test just to see what would happen. I know nothing about electric pickles, really do not care about electric pickles, and really had no idea what would show up in the search results. But guess what? There is a tremendous amount of information out there in the Ethernet about “Electric Pickles”. There are videos about electric pickles, a band called Electric Pickles, science experiments for electric pickles, an Electric Pickle Bar & Lounge, and about 169,000 indexed images for the search term.

The human mind and your memory power works the same way. I discovered this simple and delightful piece of information when I took a course for improving my memory. You can have total recall of virtually anything you want, as long as you can develop the skill to focus on pairing up words with pictures. These mental word-pictures then get stored in you subconscious virtually forever. Try it and you will see that it works!

The more ridiculous or bizarre the match up is with the words and images in your mind, the easier it will be to remember. This is a form of word association, and is how some people learn how to remember the names of everyone they meet. They have learned the ability to associate a physical feature with a name to create a “word-picture”. Do this correctly, and when you think of one half of the puzzle, you cannot help but think of the other half. You will instantly recall the other piece of information. You can also do this to remember any kind of list. As long as you pair up two sequential items as a “word picture”, you only have to consider two things in the list at one time. Pick anything in that list and you will always know what comes before it in the list, and what follows behind it.

In some ways computers work the same way by pairing up words with pictures. I won’t try to argue that words are not the more important side of the equation when it comes to computer data, but computer technology is at the point that images are becoming more important. Think about the success of YouTube, digital photography, and the fact that almost all consumer electronic products have a camera attached. Now, knowing that computers and the human brain work in a similar fashion, you can use this information as you develop new ideas for websites, blogs, and ways to improve online marketing for products and services.

I guess this is why I am a bit of an odd bird, always looking at things from an obtuse angle. This is how I came up with the idea for my online alter ego “Simon The Scammer”, and to expose what is behind the curtain in the world of Internet Gurus. One day I was thinking about how important words are to the business of marketing anything online. How certain words are targeted information in the search engines, and how searches and advertising both rely on “target keywords”.

So maybe these ideas are not so off the wall. If you know how to do keyword research properly, and have a knack for turning a word or two to push some psychological buttons, you probably will be successful as an online marketer selling just about anything you choose once you learn how to effectively pair up words and pictures.

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