Why Changing Your Title Tag Keywords Can Greatly Affect Your Ranking Short Term

There is an old saying in life, which also can be applied to many SEO methods… if it’s not broke, don’t fix it! Changing your title tags if your site is ranking well for search terms is just madness; it can have a very detrimental affect and can take you a long time to bounce back, especially if your new title tags are considered worse by the search engines.

Changing things for the sake of changing them is pointless.

Only change your title tags if you are not ranking well for the majority of your desired keywords and then don’t rest your hopes on a miraculous ranking surge just because you change your title tags. Title tags are one of the biggest ranking factors when looking at SEO overall, so you need to spend much time researching your keywords and competitors. When you put your new site live, one of the biggest earliest ranking factors is the strength of your title tags and also the quality of the H1 tags throughout your main pages.

If you have been ranking really well and you decide to play around with your title tags, bear in mind Google and the other engines will take time to notice the changes and will also take time to re-rank you depending on your changes and the quality of these. If you rankings have taken a slight drop then you might want to consider looking at all of these factors, but if your doing well and continuing to get good traffic, leave things alon


e and concentrate on other factors.

If you are looking to improve your ranking, concentrate on writing high quality content and getting this on a fully optimised site. Make sure all of your optimisation on the site is the best it can be and try to start thinking about how to increase traffic for your keywords and focus on content writing, article writing and submission and link building.

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