“What Is Internet Marketing” Explained

Internet Marketing is essentially selling services or information in the form of digital and physical products to consumers over the Internet.

The role of an expert Internet Marketer is to identify a ‘starving crowd’ of individuals that seek solutions to a problem they are currently experiencing. amarylis.nl The starving crowd is often referred to as a ‘niche’. An example of a niche is ‘Weight Loss’.

It is up to the marketer to either create a product or service or find an information product that satisfies the needs and wants of his identified niche.

In the weight loss example, an internet marketer may decide to use ClickBank (the largest digital products marketplace) and find an eBook that shows readers how to lose “7LBS in 7 Days” (the solution).

The next step is to sell this eBook to the ‘starving crowd’ in return for a commission from the original author of the eBook.

“What Is Internet Marketing?” – 4 Key Processes

There are FOUR KEY processes that occur before selling the eBook to a customer and these include:

  1. Identifying a niche
  2. Identifying a good product
  3. Building an automated method of building a relationship with customers
  4. Driving traffic to the offer

Building a relationship and trust with prospects is a must in the internet marketing industry because prospects need to see an offer more than once before they make a purchase – just as they do in the real world. This is the reason why many experienced internet marketers will use ‘landing pages’ to capture the name and email address of potential prospects in exchange for a FREE REPORT or FREE VIDEO. This is essentially a bribe but a great way to give a prospect some value to build trust. Once they have seen exactly what you have to offer they are much likely to purchase your eBook.


“What Is Internet Marketing”? – How To Get Rich

It is difficult to get rich just selling eBooks in return for $20-30 commissions so many experienced marketers will identify ONE NICHE and build a series of products inside this one niche. This means they can focus on providing value and building a relationship with one list.

Examples of different types of information products include but not limited to: Audio Courses, Home Study Manuals, DVD Trainings, Online Video Training, Live Physical Workshops, Live Events, Group Coaching Programs and 1-1 Mentoring Programs.

Most internet marketers struggle to get quality traffic and this is one of the most important parts of internet marketing. You can have a GREAT product but if you can’t get anybody to see it then you’re not going to make any money. It is like owning a shop with no passing traffic, you just can’t expect people to walk in!

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