With today’s current packaging techniques, the use of plastic boxes is so popular because of its convenience and durability. In the end, consumers always end up with used packaging materials after utilizing their contents. Also, in an effort to lessen the pollution caused by packaging materials that results to millions of tons of used packaging that are discarded into landfills and incinerated, companies have now come up with reusable packaging of plastic boxes.

Environmentalists’ organizations however argue that biodegradable materials are still the best for mother earth. We have paper products for packaging that can be easily discarded and which we can use for other purposes. Cardboard boxes can still be used for storage purposes. And unlike plastics that is almost with us forever, paper products are easily discarded to the environment. However, we shall never forget the fact that both materials are pollutants when you decide to throw them away.

There is a limit on the re-usability of paper materials. Much sooner than plastics, we have to return it back to the soil. And they will definitely add up to the tons of wastes generated by every person in this planet. Even If they are recycled several times, we will let them go in the end. In the other hand, plastic boxes can last ten times than them.

We should also never fail to look at the fact that paper materials come from timber, so the use of these materials leads to further destruction of our forests.

So what are we to do with these used plastic boxes? How can we prevent them from being thrown into garbage areas and becoming eyesores and pollutants? Reuse them; we can use them for storage, which is the most common practice. However, there are a variety of things that we can make with plastic boxes, whether for decoration, or any other purpose to make things more convenient for us. Some companies are into the business of buying used plastic storage boxes in order to reuse them for other industrial purposes.

The issue here is with the re-usability of the materials that we consume. In most cases, re-use is better and more efficient than recycling. We can’t avoid the proliferation of synthetic materials such as plastics to continually dominate the market. Plastics are here and they’re bound to stay almost forever. So the best thing that we can do now is to make use of them, infinitely if possible, to lessen the burden and when finished, properly disposing of the material so it can be recycled and reused again.

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