What Are the Underage DUI Laws and Punishments?

Driving under the influence, or DUI, is a serious offense that can have many direct and indirect consequences for those involved. Underage DUI laws are in place to deal adequately with the particular problem of underage drunken driving. DUI is most often associated with alcohol, but the laws also cover BP22 law being under the influence of drugs or any controlled substance.

All fifty states of America make it illegal to drive states with a blood alcohol measurement of.08 percent. The underage DUI laws make this level lower for drivers under the age of twenty-one, but the exact level varies from state to state. A limit of 0.02% is common in many states for those under twenty-one. The best thing to do is to avoid drinking at all if you intend to drive, but if you are under twenty-one it is wise to be aware of the limit for the state where you are driving in.

Punishments for underage DUI also varies from state to state, but there are many similarities in what under age DUI laws lay down for those found guilty. The punishments given often include a range of fines up to about two thousand five hundred dollars, impounding of the car and compulsory attendance at driver’s classes. Other punishments include community service orders, revocation of the driving licence and possible jail sentencing for the worst offences. Those found guilty are also often expected to pay court costs and will be subject to a probation period.

The punishments stipulated by the underage DUI laws are, it can be seen, very severe. Unfortunately for those found guilty it does not end there. Because a person under twenty-one found guilty of driving under the influence is also, by definition, guilty of the separate crime of underage drinking. This may very well be dealt with as a separate case and carry its own separate punishments and consequences. It is also often unfortunately the case that young people involved in DUI cases also turn out to have broken other related laws involving the illicit acquisition of alcohol.

Underage DUI is always taken very seriously, because motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of death for young people. This of course includes the deaths of young passengers who are often also involved in the accident caused by the drunken driver. It is estimated that over a quarter of fifteen to twenty five year olds who die in car accidents had been drinking. Many young people have admitted in surveys that they have driven under the influence or allowed themselves to be driven by a person who was clearly drunk. Statistics show that it is a much bigger problem for males than it is for females and there have been high profile campaigns in many states trying to raise awareness and address these issues.

There are ongoing consequences for a young person who has been found guilty of DUI offences that are also very severe. The young person will now have a criminal record that could damage, or at least reduce, their opportunities when starting a career. Potential employers may easily be put off by such a DUI record, seeing it as evidence that the person is untrustworthy and reckless or has potential alcohol or drug issues.

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