What Are the Top Keyword Strategies To Drive Traffic To My Online Business?

The top of the search engine results page is an envious position. There is only one site that can occupy the spot and it benefits by receiving increased Web traffic. Even if your work from home business is small, there are recommended keyword strategies to drive traffic to your site and improve your online income without spending any money.

One way to improve search results placement is to have an article of at least 300 words on each page of the site. Relevant keywords and content regarding the online business and its products or services should be included. This is one of the keyword strategies to drive traffic intended for the search engines. The engines find this content when crawling the Web and add the keywords to their indexes, which are matched with user queries to generate search results.

Using Ezine articles, work at home moms and others can direct traffic to their Web sites. These articles are used to saturate the World Wide Web and contain the relevant keywords and Web site links. When those articles find an online home, it is like having Web sites in various places. Readers can be presented with the option to subscribe to newsletters, giving you a captive audience for promoting the online business.

One of the simplest, yet most successful keyword strategies to drive traffic to any site is to be specific. During online shopping, customers cannot actually see or touch the physical product, so they rely on other sources to find out about the item and how it works. Once they decide what to buy, they know what they want and will usually enter very specific terms when doing an online search. The keywords listed on the work from home business site need to match those queries.

Frequency of keyword use is one facto

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r that most search engines use when determining whether a page is relevant. Therefore, using keywords repeatedly on a page is helpful. However, do not overdo it because blatant promotion can lead to search engine blocking. In addition, avoid keywords that are too common or have multiple meanings because these can result in irrelevant hits.

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