From the latest research in the field of medicine it is evident that there are lots of patients who are suffering from the painful condition of brain tumor. It is a disease which has taken many lives and still many are struggling hard to survive from this detrimental syndrome. For the cure, many neurologists have been successful in fighting back this disease but still there is a lot more to do to face this challenge. And for this reason, the experts from cancer treatment and radiation therapy are coming forward to participate in the fight against cancer.

Brain tumor is a very harmful and dangerous disease. It only results in the patient’s death if it is not controlled in its earlier stage. By reading this article you will know more about Brain tumor, its symptoms and its treatment process. This information will be helpful if you are suffering from the same condition.


There are many symptoms of brain tumor which neurologist describe. Among them, the most common symptoms are Headaches, Nausea, Hearing troubles, Sight misperception, Vision problem and sometimes problems in the behavioral functioning.


Regular headaches are common in a brain tumor patient. These are regular and frequent and can take place at any instant. When the headaches are in the primary stage, they are preventable, but when the disease enters a severe stage, they are unstoppable and can even take the patient’s life. Well it can be and cannot be a complete sign of a brain tumor. If the patient is receiving constant headaches then it can be a sign but consulting the experienced practitioner to find out if it is really a symptom of this condition or not.

Vomiting and Nausea:

These symptoms are sometimes rare and sometimes frequent in the patient. Vomiting and nausea can be a middle stage symptom of the brain tumor, but for confirmation the patient should consult the neurologist. With the latest research, the experts have declared that there are 22 patients out of hundred who had called Nausea as brain tumor’s symptom.

Loss of hearing and vision:

According to the latest report, there are 25% patients who had loss of hearing and vision. But it is also not a true symptom for brain tumor. Sometimes, it depends upon the tendency of the patient as to what sort of symptoms he or she is carrying with the disease.


Stage 1:

This is a very primary stage of brain tumor in which the cells are not fully shaped and they do not even start to multiply. The cure is easy in this stage as the cells can easily be separated from the brain through a surgery.

Stage 2:

This is a stage where the cell activates in a slow growth form. This stage requires instant surgery; otherwise there is chance for the disease to go into its third stage which is more dangerous and risky,

Stage 3:

This stage is proficient for the cells to split up. They starts growing more rapidly and it requires a serious attention if the patient is to be recovered.

Stage 4:

This stage is the extreme of all stages where the cure becomes very difficult because the tumor cells have populated the entire brain section. This stage is very difficult to cure but can be cured if an urgent surgery is carried out. Most of the brain tumor’s patient die in this last stage as many times the surgery does not remove the disease. That is why many neurologists advice the patients to treat it the very first stage so that the disease stops spreading.


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