Typing to make money needn’t be difficult once you know what to do. Office streamlining now means that companies prefer to outsource many of their tasks, as it saves them both time and money. This is good news for you if you have time to spare and want to work from home. All you need is a simple plan! In this article, I will show you typing to make money – how it’s done.

Before you start, think about how you plan to work. Are you interested in working only via the internet, or do you prefer to work using more traditional methods? This will make a difference as to where you look for work.

Now you are ready to begin. Here is my simple plan for typing to make money – how it’s done.

1) Have a quick ‘office’ check. Where will you work? If you plan to use your kitchen table as a desk, are you likely to be interrupted often? Do you have a good printer in case you need to send work away? Will you need any audio equipment? Is your PC or laptop reliable and in good working order?

2) Typing to make money offline means you will be responsible to find your own work. You will need to check newspaper ads, local job shops, and place your own adverts and banners. Contact colleges, universities and medical schools to ask for your service to be included on internal newsletters and bulletin boards.

Request your library to buy the Writers and Artists Yearbook for you to contact authors, publishers and printers. (Also offer a proof-reading service?)

3) Typing to make money on line is easier, but never pay up front to work for someone else. It really isn’t necessary and some people have been scammed into parting with their money for nothing in return. Instead:

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