GPS tracking has gone main stream. You can find a relatively accurate GPS in pretty much any type of modern technological device these days. Almost every smart phone has a quality GPS chip installed and so do must modern day vehicles. They help the user get turn by turn directions and even mark their photos so they can remember where the photos were taken.


Have you ever used a smart phone or tracker to chart your daily exercise routine? They have become very elaborate over the past few years. These days these devices can sense when you start and stop running so it knows what to track and what not to track. With these tracking devices an athlete can save their performance from each session and can then use them track their improvements over time.

Fleet Tracking

Fleet owners are using tracking devices to help manage their business. The owners are able to regulate much better when and where their vehicles are being used. This helps them reduce the amount of money they are spending to do a certain job. Insurance carriers are starting to offer annual premium discounts on insurance, they understand the change in behavior that occurs and they know this saves everyone money.

Golf Tracking

Can GPS help lower your handicap? It has helped a lot of people to do just that. Golf tracking devices have become very small these days too; some devices are no bigger than 2″ square. They know where you are and they what course is there so obviously they know exactly what course you’re playing so there is no need to input any information as to your current location. These cool little devices will then tell you what hole you’re playing, how far from the green you are and can even help to track your score. Of course this option takes a little bit of input from the user for accuracy.

Airplane Tracking

Airplane owners are starting to use tracking features with their onboard equipment as well. These GPS tracking options can help a student pilot learn where they are and how accurately they have been flying their plane. Developing accurate flying skills will keep a pilot safe and alive for many years to come, so there is really no doubt how tracking has helped the aviation community. They have been helping the families of pilots too, with a small tracking device families can log into their family PC’s to see where a family member is in their plane. God forbid but if there is ever an emergency they can help locate the airplane and minimize search and rescue efforts too.


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