One characteristic that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a master at is talking trash. His rather comical ability to not only get into the head of his next opponent, but to make some very entertaining UFC countdown shows is why he is so popular. In great Rampage tradition, over the past few weeks he has been diluting the rumors and trash talk coming from one boxer tried MMA fighter, James Toney. Since the beginning of December, Toney has been back and forth with Rampage calling him out to the cage for a battle in which most UFC viewers would tune in to watch, but with very little expectations. James already had his chance to back up his trash talk against UFC Hall of Fame contender, Randy Couture, and of course that didn’t end so well for Toney. All the while fans sat by watching the back and fourth banter and you tube videos with Toney and Jackson, a real UFC fight has finally been arranged for Rampage. One with a lot more knockout potential and perhaps even fight of the night written all over it. One against the light heavyweight chute box master, Thiago Silva.

If you happened to miss out on Silva’s last octagon appearance, 町田 ダンススクール simply perform a quick web search for Brandon Vera’s nose and you can see just what this man is capable of. Interestingly enough, Thiago has only two loses in his 15-2 professional MMA record, one loss to Lyoto Machida, and the other to Rashad Evans. Evans has now successfully defeated Silva at UFC 108, to follow suit by also ironically defeating Rampage at the 114 card. Now both of these light heavyweights are fighting their way back to have their shot once again at Rashad, or quite possibly the current division title holder, Shogun Rua.

Many are already assuming Thiago easily has the advantage in this fight against Quinton, but then again Rampage is not exactly going to take the beating that Brandon Vera did at UFC 125. This will definitely be a much more explosive battle between Silva and Jackson as the once rumored one with James Toney. A cage war with Toney would have done zero for Rampage’s career at this point, and it would’ve been viewed as nothing but an easy win for Quinton. With that said, a win over the once ferocious Thiago Silva would mean Jackson has arrived once again since his days fighting in the Pride franchise.

Quinton’s record of 31-8 speaks for itself, claiming he does bode the experience to be on a path to a light heavyweight title. The 32 year old is the same fighter that knocked out Chuck Liddell in just after one minute of the first round back in 2007, also winning Rampage Knockout of the Night, making it very clear he is capable of standing and trading with Thiago. Quinton recently went through a vigorous training routine along with the expert advice of Mike Dolce to get him down some forty five pounds to make his weight for the last fight he had in November 2010. This would all prove he is still a force to cause some damage and can focus properly on his training.

Thiago on the other hand coming off the explosive and somewhat comical win over Brandon Vera, will continue his regular camp for this upcoming match with Jackson. The brutal striker will no doubt be working on his wrestling going into this match and of course, trying to steer clear of what trash talk Rampage is sure to send his direction. The bout is set for May 28th at the UFC 130 card in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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