The Computer Consulting Business: Overcoming Client Concerns

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The Computer Consulting Business is wise to suggest clients utilize network solutions. Overcome your clients’ objections to pave the way for more work for your computer consulting business.

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In the computer consulting business, Internet security concerns are often best addressed by explaining how your proposed networking solution takes firewall, antivirus and encryption issues into account.

Validate Your Prospects’ or Clients’ Concerns

It can be very risky to connect any type of system, whether it is a workstation or sever, up to the Internet on a full- or part-time basis. And of course, these security concerns create a “full employment act” of sorts for savvy computer consulting businesses.

The alternative means continuing to support individual dial-up accounts and modems, which can be expensive and introduce multiple points of entry (vulnerabilities) into various company IT assets.

Other Tips on Overcoming Common Small Business Networking Objections

In the computer consulting business, you don’t want to jump to any conclusions without talking through your prospects’ or clients’ concerns. If you’re concerned that you might have missed a subtle nuance, ask for clarification. Your prospects or clients will appreciate that you care enough to double-check.

Show that you understand by repeating their questions as you address each issue. Take time to listen carefully to any objections. Think of it as your opportunity to provide additional information about your computer consulting business’ proposed solution.

Warm Them Up to a Networking Solution

As their computer consultant, and virtual IT director, it’s your job to plant the seeds to get them thinking along these lines. After all, a small business network is a lot more than just a shopping list of hardware and software.

Use these objection handlers to correct some of the more common misconceptions about small business networks and overcome typical objections that may stand in your computer consulting business’ way of closing the sale.

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