Most newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetics have questions about their diet, and certainly about diabetes itself. No, there isn’t a list of foods you absolutely cannot eat. All foods, in smaller serving sizes, can be worked into a particular eating plan. Check out the following list of what could be called the top ten foods for people with Type 2 diabetics… try incorporating them into your eating plan.

Beans: The humblest of foods, the bean, contains substantial amounts of soluble fiber. Eating as little as four ounces of cooked beans each day has been shown to lower both cholesterol and triglyceride levels by more than 10 percent in as little as three weeks. And beans are also loaded with potassium and magnesium. Potassium is an essential mineral needed for proper cell function and is also crucial for the contraction of healthy heart and skeletal muscles. On the other hand, magnesium is an electrolyte absolutely required by your muscles, heart and kidneys. Magnesium is also important for correct enzyme activity and aids in the regulation of other electrolytes such as calcium, zinc and potassium.

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