Simple Basketball Drills for the Kids

Kids who had fun playing a team game called basketball spice up the enjoyment that the parents have who watched the game. A kid who enjoys playing basketball learns many things from the game. A person who teaches kids the correct way to play basketball can have a difficult time especially when it comes to children. Kids can be really hard to teach since they sometimes don’t listen to the coach or the one who teaches them. To teach kids how to play basket ball correctly, the coach or the person who teaches them should make a step by step drills that can be considered as fun for kids who plays basketball. Fun drills will help the kid learn the correct way of playing basketball; kids would be able to do the drills when they start playing. Kids learn from fun and making fun drills for them will enhance their thinking skills. Here are the lists of drills that a coach could use when they want to teach kids about the correct way of playing basketball.

• Competition is the key in gaining the kids team to work together. Most will do anything to win. So, make a drill, divide the kids into two teams and let them play basketball. The team who wins will get something special from the coach and the team that loses should be taught to practice more for any next game. By doing this, kids will plan what to do in the next game in order to win. When a coach the kids try this drill, the kids competitiveness will be enhanced and they will try to win the next game when they learn how to work together properly.

• In this next fun drill for kids, their listening skills, reflexes, speed and dribbling would be enhanced. The drill is called red light-green light. In order to play the drill, kids must be in a straight line facing you. Don’t align the kids closely to each other. let the kids do a sideward raise and double the space between each kid to keep them from bumping into each other. When this is done, give each kid a ball to dribble, back a little farther than the kid’s line. Give instruction on how to play the drill. When you say green light, the kids should dribble forward. When you say blue light, the kids should dribble to the left. When you say yellow light, kids should dribble to the right. When you say red light, they should stop dribbling and stay on their spot. When the coach is ready, he or she can start the drill. This is an enjoyable drill that the kids can enjoy.

• Another wonderful drill that the coach can try is a clap pass. Clap pass can help the kid to be active. Let the kids form a circle with you on the middle. Give instructions on how to play the drill. The coach has to have a ball on his or her hand then he or she should pass the ball to a kid. The kid should clap before the ball reaches his or her hand. Kids who didn’t clap before the ball reaches their hands or doesn’t catch the ball and claps when you fake pass the ball to the kid lose. The last one standing would be the winner.

These are some fun drills that you could try for children when you teach them how to play basketball. The drills enhance the children’s body and mind. The kids will learn fast if the drills are fun. When the kids have learned the lessons on the drills that you have given, they can start playing basketball properly.

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