Whether you’re a seasoned professional hairdresser or just starting out, high-quality hair shears are the tools you’ll use to work your magic. Hairdressing scissors sets come in a variety of prices, styles and combinations, so shop around and discover the set that works best for you.

When shopping for a pair of long-lasting hair shears, pay attention to what they’re made of. In addition to razor-sharp edges, good shears are made of steel that will cut clean and hold its edge for thousands of cuts. High-end blades are made of steel alloys mixed and layered for added strength. Some are even coated with titanium to maintain fast cutting action and longer durability.

Investing in the right hair shears can also help you avoid carpal tunnel syndrome and other work-related injuries common among professional hair stylists. Lightweight shears can help minimize hand fatigue, and some shears even have holes punched on the blade to make them lighter. Ergonomic handles and thumb openings allow for more comfort and easy hand positioning. If you are left-handed, consider buying shears specifically designed for lefties. There are even shears made specifically to help stylists cope with or prevent carpal tunnel problems. The handles are at 90 degrees from the blade for more hand comfort and a relaxed body position.

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