The smell of buttered popcorn is in the air. In good times and bad, seeing a film still remains one of our favorite pastimes. Who doesn’t like watching movies? Not many. But the recent increase in ticket prices over the years has kept more Americans on their couches with remote in hand rather than trekking to the local theater.

When you need to motivate, nothing beats dinner and a movie. According to the Associated Press, it usually costs one person $8 to $10 to see a film. And concession stand prices don’t help. Add on another seven dollars for a medium popcorn and soda, and you’ve got yourself an expensive evening. So it makes sense to reward employees and customers with dining and entertainment awards. Whether it’s a night in or out on the town, dinner and a movie is an award they can’t refuse.

Play it Again

Curling up on the sofa with a movie or two doesn’t sound bad. According to the Princeton, N.J.-based Gallup Organization “State of the Movies” study, people (68 percent) like to watch movies at home.

For those who prefer to rent, movie gift certificates or cards are the perfect reward because recipients can rent or buy movies for free. Kevin Healey, director of sales for the Canton, Mass.-based Reebok, has used Blockbuster gift cards for three different incentive programs for the past four years. “I didn’t see anybody in our industry using that kind of incentive in their program, and it worked well for us,” he says. “When you have something for free it has a higher perceived value than if you put a dollar amount on it. If you gave someone a $5 gift card and one for a free movie rental, they would think that the free movie rental has a higher value. When we try to put programs together we have to be leery where the accounts are based, where the rooftops are. We have to provide the consumer with something that they can easily access. We try to find something that’s convenient, so we don’t have to worry about them getting something that they can’t use. You have to use something that ‘s universal.”

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