Tamil girls, Punjabi men: The best thing for India

As a subaltern, I had the privilege of being posted in the Tamil Nadu state. To be precise, I was posted at the Air Force Station at Tambaram and the unit was Air Force flying Instructors School (AFIS). It was a baptism which I have never forgotten. To start by virtue of being a member of an elite service. I was immediately given the membership of the Madras Gymkhana., one of the premier clubs in India established by the ‘Goraji’ during the days of the Raj.

Getting into this elite Institute was like the opening Ali Baba’s cave, it gives us the magical key to social intercourse with the elite of the city of Madras, the name Chennai came much later. I was not new to the state of Tamil Nadu as I have had my early education at the Stanes High School at Coimbatore. Later as Squadron leader, I had the privilege of attending the Defence Services Staff College in the Nilgiri mountains at Wellington close to the hill station of put Ootacammand.


I observed another major social more, my flight commander and the CO of AFIS had both married Tamil girls. Later I came to know they were Brahmins. Obviously, they were very happy. This was my first brush with the social interaction where I observed that many Tamil girls were marrying North Indian Punjabi men or boys. This phenomenon is not confined to the film world, wherein right from the time of Vyjayanthimala to Sridevi, not forgetting Hema Malini have married Punjabi men. One can say that there is some fetish for Tamil girls and Punjabi men. During almost two decades of my service in the Air Force, I have the distinction of observing this singular aspect where many officers had married Tamil girls. I will add that as far as the Airforce is concerned an equal number have married girls from Meghalaya, which has the Eastern Air Command, at Shillong


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