As a parent, one of the most frightening and devastating experiences is to be falsely accused of neglecting one or more of your children. Unfortunately, thousands of innocent parents are forced to face these demoralizing charges under false pretenses. Whether the accuser is the individual’s child, another family member, a neighbor or stranger, the consequences resulting from a child neglect charge can severely influence the entire course of the accused individual’s life in the future. Once suspicion of neglect has been established, the accused parent is typically charged with the difficult task of proving otherwise. Unfortunately, the Constitutional right of “innocent until proven guilty” is often blurred in cases of alleged child neglect.

Child Protective Services (CPS) typically operates under the assumption that the accused parent is guilty or dangerous and the affected child must therefore be protected from them. However, many individuals accused of neglecting children are innocent, and the allegations often arise because of a misunderstanding, an argument, or even malicious intent. Investigations launched by Child Protective Services can affect your personal, social and professional life; the most effective way to protect yourself from false child neglect charges is to hire a criminal defense attorney to represent your case.


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