It’s no secret that the world is being drained of its resources at a rapidly accelerating rate, fuelled by a human population that keeps growing, and thus keeps demanding more to consume with each passing year. One of the world’s dwindling energy supplies, oil, is already being burned as fuel everywhere on earth, but it faces another path of depletion, in the form of one of mankind’s most widespread inventions – plastic. Oil, a non-renewable resource, is an essential component of plastic production. This in itself would be bad enough, but what is worse is that plastic is a tough non-biodegradable substance, that cannot be broken back down for the oil it contains. Soon after it was first created, used plastic has become one of the biggest sources of municipal waste, piling up in giant trash piles in many parts of the globe. And yet, the demand by people for plastic containers and other objects continues, forcing more oil to be sacrificed to meet it.

Fortunately, there is a viable solution to this double drain on oil, and that comes in the form of recycling. When we recycle plastics properly, we allow them to be re-used or re-processed, saving the energy and the resources that would have to be spent if they had to be created again from scratch. It also prevents these waste plastics from just being thrown into the garbage with the rest of the trash, where they will probably clog up another landfill or other dumping site for hundreds of years to come. We can all do our part in preserving the planet simply be being conscientious enough to recycle our disposable plastic containers, whether at home or in the office. The workplace is a huge culprit for plastic wastage, with employees bringing plastic bottles to work, taking objects around in plastic bags, and using up office supplies that are made of or contain plastic in some form. It will definitely pay in the long run to make your workplace aware of the benefits of plastic recycling as part of a green workplace initiative.

The key to awareness is constant reinforcement. Telling people to recycle their plastic objects in the workplace won’t be enough, unless you can somehow manage to keep telling them to do so all the time. Well, in a way, you can, through the strategic placement of plastic recycling signs above recycling bins or storage areas that are accessible to all employees. It’s hard to keep ignoring a plastic recycling sign that stares you in the face when you walk into the breakroom, or take a stroll down to the cubicles of your friends in another department, when it takes so little effort to help out and make a difference for the planet. There are a number of appropriate signs available for purchase today that will more than pay off their minimal cost in their effective promotion of good recycling habits. The power of suggestion is a potent tool for doing our collective part in preserving our limited energy resources, and keeping our planet liveable.

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