Paintball is a sport where the players may play individually or combine into teams. The object of the game is to eliminate opponents by tagging them with a paintball mark. The last team or individual remaining without being tagged is the winner(s).

Each player must wear a mask or goggles (approved for paintball) while on the field at all times. Each player needs a paintball gun or marker that has a hopper that attaches to the top of the gun. The hopper holds the ammunition and feeds the gun. The ammunition is paintballs that are fed into the gun by two different ways. One is by gravity which is a slower feed and can have a tendency to jam. AirPods Pro Case The other is electronically fed which is more for an advanced player that wants to have just that little bit of edge on his or her opponent. Paintballs are marble sized and spherical-shaped. They resemble a gel-like capsule. They are a nontoxic, biodegradable water-soluble mineral oil and contain polyethylene glycol. Paintballs are made of different grades. The highest grade that one can buy will have an almost perfect round shape, a thin shell, and a thick, brightly colored fill. These characteristics will ensure the paintball breaks upon impact and the color adheres to what it comes in contact with. They come in many different colors ranging from bright orange to black. Some even are filled with cornstarch and a metallic flake to achieve a glittery mark or “splat” on contact. The paintball gun requires a compressed air tank to discharge your projectile paintball. There are two types of air. One is compressed air and the other is carbon dioxide.

Players can perform/compete outdoors or indoors depending on the weather. Either way the field’s terrain is basically the same. Some fields will have a natural terrain or objects will be placed strategically throughout the field for the players to take cover while playing. This just adds excitement to the game and if used correctly gives that player a tactical edge. There is no physical contact among player to player in this sport, however, it can be physically demanding depending on how hard each player wants to play. Teams may have different rules depending on what type of game is being played, but the rules are agreed upon before the game starts. Capturing a flag or Speedball are a couple of types of games.

Paintball was first played in 1981 by Charles Ganes and 11 other players. They used Nel-Spot pistols which were intended for marking trees and livestock by ranchers. They played a capture the flag type game. Charles Ganes visited Africa and was part of a buffalo hunting safari. He returned to New Hampshire where he discussed the idea of a game in which players would hunt one another through the woods. Later, his friend, Bob Gurnsey, formed the National Survival Game Company, which was the first to sell paintball equipment.

The original type of goggles was safety goggles, but today’s goggles have adapted from sports like skiing or snowboarding. Some have a mask that covers the entire face and neck and throat guards attached.

Other attire for playing paintball includes pants and jerseys with padding that helps protect the players from the field and paintball hits. Elbow and knee pads, gloves, and athletic protectors are also used. Most players will carry extra paintballs in plastic containers called pods. The pods are conveniently carried in a pod pack on a belt loop or in a vest for quick, easy access to reload any gun.

Games can last different lengths of time depending on the rules being played. Once a player is hit, he or she should raise his or her hands and yell “I’m out” so that the other team knows they have made a kill. Once the player has conveyed to the other team that he or she is out they must leave the field as quickly and safely as possible trying not to interfere with other players still playing.

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