It is always exciting to get new running shoes, especially if you are interested in the continuously emerging shoe technologies existing today. If you are one of those running shoe lovers, there is one brand you would definitely love – the Newton Running Shoes.

Typically, many runners strike with the heels first that can naturally lead to joint and other leg and foot injuries. What’s good about Newton Running Shoes is that it endeavors to correct that manner by training and exercising users to strike with the forefoot region first. These shoes were developed by Newton Running, a new company based in Oregon in the United States.

Even if many of the Newton shoes are almost the same in terms of fashion sense and styles, the details of each design make them quite unique running shoes. Buying one that will fit your needs won’t be an issue as there are different shoe models that you can choose from.

Famous to them are Newton Running Sir Isaac that is designed for men and the Newton Running Lady Isaac for women. This guidance trainer model is known as a neutral shoe. It allows you to run naturally with greater efficiency and less overuse injuries.

Another popular neutral trainer is the Newton Running Gravity which also has designs for both men and women. In fact, this shoe has earned shoe status in the barefoot running shoe club. This model is famous for great speed work and distance running training.

Another type of Newton shoes is the Newton Running Distance. It is known as a performance neutral trainer designed for distance running. This shoe gives you a healthy alternative if you can’t run barefoot. It offers great support and light weight properties.

Next is the Newton Running Motion which stands out among those models because it has a lot of flexibility in design. It’s sole and ride design helps runners experience perfection in their running style.

The Newton Running Distance U is designed only for women and is known as the universal trainer. It has built around the concept of a shoe being a great all-purpose athletic gear. The Newton Running Distance S, on the other hand, has been newly engineered for distance, speed and performance.

The last but not the least is the Newton Motion All-Weather Running Shoe. This shoe model accommodates all foot-types, stability and neutral. What’s more, even if you over pronate or supinate, the Newton Motion All-Weather Running Shoes’ amazing design still give you a neutral, powerful propulsive lift-off.

In essence, the Newton shoes have the following distinct and awesome qualities that make it the top choice for runners who want to wear shoes that promote and enhance natural running form:

• It strengthens muscles in the foot and lower bodies
• It helps lessen problems in the knee due to the impact of running
• They are awfully light and comfortable to wear
• It trains your legs and feet to run properly and with the right landing strike form. The faster you run, the more you will notice the difference in the joint impact if you were running with regular shoes or with other barefoot running shoes.

The price of Newton Running Shoes may be a bit higher than most other brands like Asics, Nike or New Balance, but the raves about its technology are far louder than other brands. Take it from those who have opted to go for Newton shoes and you will also get the positive change in your running form as well as feel great while running barefoot with natural grace and form.

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