A targeted agenda is of course imperative to having a successful discovery session – you want to make sure the conversation is targeted to helping you understand the needs and wants of your prospects so you can direct the benefits of your programs and offerings to what can help them overcome their challenges.

However, a key component that is very often not mentioned in most trainings is the Money MINDSET and BELIEFS – which affect the energy that you bring into the conversation, and hence the outcome.

Here are a few things you want to get aligned in order to latierrademisamores supercharge your discovery sessions and boost your conversion rate – it may take some time because you cannot just “understand” them intellectually and call it a day. You need to consistently practice and put them into action, so that they are integrated into your deeper value and belief system:

You KNOW (deep down) you are bringing more value into the lives of your clients than you charge. Unfortunately, most coaches do what they do so well that they don’t value enough the services they provide. To overcome this limiting belief and show yourself the awesome value you bring to your clients, try this exercise: list all benefits in dollar value when your clients work with you. E.g. how much do they save on medication? How much would they save by saying bye-bye to fad diets and supplements? How much do they save if they cut their $5-a-day Starbucks addiction? How about higher productivities – would that mean a raise and a promotion?

You do not have the right to decide for your clients whether they can afford your service or not. If you go into a conversation thinking “oh, she can’t afford my program” guess what energy you are projecting? Plus, you are not showing your clients much respect if you “decide” for them.

You believe your ideal clients will pay for your programs. Which kind of goes back to #1 – if you know that you deliver great value to your clients, you will believe that they will pay you for the benefits you deliver because it’s such a bargain!

You expect to sign new clients, and act accordingly. Your expectation affects how you project energy out to the party at the other end of the table/phone. Make space in your filing cabinet for new client paperwork. Set up a new folders in your computer and name them “new client #1″, “new client #2″ and so on.
Let them sink in, and become part of you.

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