ClickBank is currently the number one affiliate program on the internet. It is 100% free for you to join and promote a variety of products featured on it. Unlike affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, ClickBank offers a large number of products created by individuals who are looking to make an online income. The software programs and eBooks that you will find, include weight loss diets, money marking blueprints, DIY and exercise guides. Here are a few tips that you can use to help you select the right product to promote.

1. Gravity

With ClickBank it’s possible for you to choose products based on their gravity score. However, just because a product has a high gravity score, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s doing well. vortexgravitybong Sometimes products that have a score within the range of 10 to 50 outperform those that are way above the 100 mark.

2. Product Analysis and Selection

There are so many different ways that you can learn about a product featured on ClickBank before you make the decision to promote it. In the digital marketplace you will find that there are several modes that you can use to list the products. For example, you can list the products according to their gravity score. This will allow you to find out which products are being promoted the most by affiliates. Although a product with a high gravity score can be considered hot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that products with low gravity scores are unable to be sold. You can also visit cbengine which is a much better alternative to ClickBank’s marketplace, to track the performance history of every product featured on ClickBank.

3. Product Marketing

There are hundreds of different methods that you can use to market products on ClickBank, such as article writing, blogging, creating a website and making videos. Whichever method that you choose to promote your product, make sure that the keywords you target is the kind that people are typing into the search engines.

4. Affiliate Tools

Try to promote only those products that come with their own promotional tools such as articles, banners and branded reports. You can also check YouTube to see if it has anything that could help you with your task.

You should also consider using CB Analytics and CB Engine that are both 100% free when it comes to finding products to promote. Try to focus on products that have a moderately high gravity score.


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