Mandatory Documentation For Canadians to Enter the United States!

The United States has set a rule known as the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or the WHTI. According to this law, all those traveling to or via the United States from the western hemisphere must have a valid passport or any other form of a document which proves them a citizen of a country in the western hemisphere united travel.

The main objective behind this law as per the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security is to ascend the security measures and accommodate the easy entry of the US citizens as well as visitors from other countries. This law is the result of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. The criteria under this law have been made even more stringent which has been put into effect from June 2009.

Canada is the largest country which is in the western hemisphere and is a neighbor to the United States. Thus, the Canadian citizens who are traveling to the United States or traveling via the United States by air must carry either carry a valid passport or a NEXUS card which they must produce at the NEXUS kiosk. This is applicable to everyone including children.

A NEXUS card is meant to fasten the process of clearance at the border securities for lower risks and for those travelers who are approved in prior. This is applicable for the Citizens of Canada as well as the United States.

Carrying a FAST card is another option. FAST is in collaboration between the United States Customs and Border protection and the Canada Border Services Agency. This is an initiative to promote security at the border with respect to trade during the cross – border shipments taking place for commercial purposes.

Those coming to the United States via land or water have to provide with either a passport or a NEXUS card or a driver’s license or an identification card which are enhanced for this purpose. The above should have been issued by the Canadian province or the government and is accepted by the government of the United States.

Incase, the traveler is 15 years or below in age, evidence of his being a citizen of Canada should be provided with. This can include a birth certificate or a citizenship card. Also, if the person is 18 years or younger and is traveling with a group with adult guardians or supervisors, the consent of his parents or guardians is mandatory, apart from the above.

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