How to pray through Psalm 23

For approximately a 12 Psalm months now, I’ve been dwelling on Psalm 23, particularly the metaphor of God as the believer’s shepherd. It is marvelously wealthy and comforting! Indeed, even Charles Spurgeon, the famous “prince of preachers”, noted the verses of Psalm 23 as a “heavenly loaf that I have to consume”. One of the sports that has drilled its truths down deeper into my soul is to meditate on it, hold forth it to myself and pray it for myself individually, verse with the aid of verse.

Below is a guided prayer, verse through verse, on your use.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall now not need.
I confess that I am not in price – you are, Lord! I am completely depending on you, and what a alleviation to recognize which you are my caretaker, provider and guardian. You supply me the entirety I need and extra. Help me to accept as true with that, irrespective of any unfulfilled needs or difficult situations, I am properly looked after by you.

He makes me lie down in green pastures.
Lord, I recognise that you deliver my every need and fill me with the greenest and quality sustenance. You allow me relaxation thoroughly in you. I trust that even though I sense like I am in a “barren wilderness”, you’ll lead me to a “green pasture” for relaxation. I am a susceptible and tired sheep – lead me to a green pasture, Lord!

He leads me beside nonetheless waters. He restores my soul.
Thank you, Lord, that you don’t manual me to dangerous, turbulent rapids as a way to swallow me up, however to peaceful, nonetheless waters to drink from. You refresh my parched soul. I can accept as true with that each one of my thirst and yearnings are fulfilled in Christ, my “residing water”.

He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
Lord, I recognise that you have not left me to navigate life by myself – you’ll display me the right paths to take. Show me the coolest, just, godly paths that you have deliberate. If I am now not at the right course, I pray which you would lightly direct me again on track with your team of workers. You are invested in me and you’ll never permit me be positioned to disgrace – your very name is at stake!

Even although I stroll through the valley of the shadow of death,
I understand, Lord, that there’s no guarantee that my lifestyles could be cozy. Please forgive me that I worship consolation and easy dwelling over you every now and then. This valley in my lifestyles is dark and horrifying and painful… there is rarely any sunlight. Death or doom seem so close that I can see its shadow over me!

I will worry no evil, for you are with me;
I confess that wherein you are, Lord, there’s no want to fear. However big, frightening or inevitable the evil in my existence or world can also appear, it may’t maintain a candle on your protection and sovereignty. With you by means of my facet, I can stay like I am in a inexperienced pasture, even in a dark valley. Help me to be courageous. Help me to stroll via religion and hug your knee and live near you.

Your rod and body of workers, they consolation me.
Lord, I recognise which you protect me in many approaches. Sometimes you powerfully beat away the wild, evil things in my life with your rod. But occasionally, you need to yank me away from risk along with your hooked personnel. Even even though it doesn’t constantly experience suitable (oww!), I know that I can take consolation within the reality that you will now not permit me slip off the rocks or wander right into a dangerous ravine in my lifestyles. Please, don’t maintain lower back your rod and personnel from me, Lord!

You put together a table earlier than me within the presence of my enemies;
Lord, assist me to keep in mind and cherish which you not most effective rescue me, however I am a cherished and commemorated guest of yours and you lay out a dinner party of abundance for me usually. You are a glad God and you adore to have a good time! I can’t wait to celebration with you at the wedding dinner party of the lamb in the future. It fills me with courage to understand that even though I actually have adversaries and enemies, they’re wholly powerless to do something but weakly look on at the pleased business of your country.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.
Lord, help me to be confident in your love which you have chosen to like me and bless me as a welcomed visitor for your kingdom. I remind myself which you usually provide above and beyond my expectancies and needs, however mysteriously.

Surely goodness and mercy shall observe me all of the days of my life,
These holy twins – your goodness and your steadfast love – are continually at my returned, simply as you’re at my the front, leading me as a shepherd. Help me to greater deeply understand the reality of your unconditional choose and love, Lord. What a surprise to realize that not a unmarried day in my lifestyles will pass through with out your goodness in it.

And I shall stay in the residence of the Lord forever.
Lord, I know that each one the times of my life will go by means of in only the blink of a watch. What a concept to recognise that there is continually some thing bigger, higher and greater gratifying to sit up for – living with you forever inside the new heavens and new earth. Help me to now not be too connected or centered on the brief “condo” of this life, but to preserve my eyes heavenward and homeward sure, because the pleasant is continually yet to come with you!

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Claire Rhoads
Claire Rhoads is a San Francisco city gal who met a southern u . S . Boy and fell in love. Upon marriage, she changed into persuaded to move bi-coastal in Charleston and located herself a screened-in porch posthaste. She divides her time as a element-time business consultant and mom of two. As a member of The Church at LifePark, she loves to take a look at and educate God’s phrase in a way this is deeply theological, yet sensible, digestible and funny.

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August 7, 2017

Discipleship, Prayer, Theology

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Rick Higgins
August 7, 2017 at 1:forty three pm

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Thank you Claire for this prayerful software of this stunning Psalm.

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