A large number of people have medical problems which are defined as pre-existing conditions by insurance companies. A health insurance pre-existing condition is a health problem that existed prior to the person applying for a health insurance plan.

Insurance companies are mostly concerned that the outcome is always in their best interest and for this reason, they exclude individuals who have a pre-existing condition and charge higher premiums or impose an exclusion period before the coverage starts.

Pre-exisiting conditions can be any health issues. It can be a major one such as a heart disease or a minor one like hay fever. However, it is up to the insurance company to accept or deny your application depending on your individual circumstances. Your application may be rejected even if you have a minor condition.

Conditions which are pre-existing can greatly affect your medical westernbranchchiropractor insurance cover. If you are going to apply for an insurance, chances are that the health insurance company may accept you on a conditional basis by providing a exclusion period for your pre-existing condition. Even though the company has accepted your application and you are already paying monthly premiums, they may not cover you for services or care related to the pre-existing condition.

This period can be anywhere between six months to eight months depending on the state’s insurance regulations and your policy.

One problem that worries a large number of people is that of having an affordable health insurance pre-existing condition plan. In fact, a large number of people believe that if they are suffering from serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or stroke, they will be denied health insurance coverage. This does happen, but rarely.

One of the main secrets of getting an affordable health insurance pre-existing condition plan is to shop around. There are so many different medical insurance providers that you can choose from. They all offer different plans and when you shop around you will be able know what each one covers and what they don’t.

There are also situations when an insurance company will be prepared to take the risk and cover you, but will impose conditions. Take for example, you may be required to pay additional premium if they choose to cover your condition. Alternatively, you may also be told that your condition will only be covered after a specified waiting period.

This waiting period is imposed to see that you have not received treatment for your condition during this period. As long as you meet specific conditions, there are many companies who will provide health insurance cover.

Group medical insurance plan is also a good approach. In a large number of cases, policies which are offered by employers to employees, will accept members regardless of any pre existing medical conditions. Most people think that group health insurance is only available to employees of a business, there are many ways you can join a group medical insurance plan. The idea here again is to shop around and consider your options.

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