With so many consumer reports on anti-aging face creams and so many lotions, treatments and products on the market, the problem becomes a vast amount of marketing hype, misinformation and a vast amount of confusion on what does and doesn’t work.

Obviously, it is wise to check out consumer reports because you can read reviews from other people, actual results, general experiences as well get as good feel of how effective the product is. You can pay to get a hold of these reports and many people do this, however, you can also find good information for free on the internet if you spend a little time searching for certain things and spending time to learn about the ingredients that are effective.

Some people will do a search on the internet for reviews of  consumer reports certain products and websites will come up with different consumer reports on anti-aging face creams. Many people tend to look on forums for specific advice also. We are going to outline some things that you should always look for when it comes to purchasing an effective natural skin care product.

A good effective lotion should have on its label all the ingredients. On top of this, the website should provide detailed information on the ingredients, not just a few lines, and also share its research on how the products were formulated and for what reasons. The products you are interested in should be all natural and should not contain chemicals that will cause long term skin damage and eventually will affect your overall health.

Synthetic ingredients should also be avoided as they are not natural like many marketers will have you believe. Alchols, fragrances, mineral oils and parabens all fall under synthetic ingredients.

Be sure to steer away from creams that contain collagen. Many marketers will try to convince you that you need collagen as this is what stops the forming of wrinkles. The fact is putting collagen on your skin is a waste of time as it can not penetrate through the layers of the skin. What you need to do is look for lotions that will stimulate the natural production of collagen in your own skin.

Sadly, in the US, regulation laws are very slack on what ingredients skin care products can use. You need to know about this and look for 100% natural ingredients. Make sure the company you purchase from can back up their claims. Don’t be afraid to ask them. It is your health and your skin and it deserves the best.

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