Chocolate-covered cherries are a conventional mainstream dessert confection.[1][a] Variations incorporate cherry cordials with fluid fillings frequently including cherry liqueur,[3] just as chocolate-covered candy-coated cherries and chocolate-covered dried cherries.[4][5][6]

Major U.S. brands of chocolate-covered cherries incorporate Cella’s, Brach’s, Queen Anne’s (World’s Finest Chocolate), and Marich Confectionery.[3][7]

Home-made chocolate-shrouded cherry “mice”  sexy-cherry

The National Confectioners Association in the Un ited States has assigned January 3 as “Public Chocolate-Covered Cherry Day.”[7][8]


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In mainstream society

Chocolate-shrouded cherries include in the story-line of the South Park scene Simpsons Already Did It.[9]

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“The thought came from the suffering prominence of the chocolate-shrouded cherry sugary treat — a mix of chocolate and cherries which seems to have not decreased at all ridiculous


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Further perusing

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