Busy holiday periods may be completely booked out months in advance for the most popular motorhomes & campervans. In Australia the summer months, Christmas and New Year period, Easter and school holiday times are the most popular periods for campervan or motorhome hire. To avoid disappointment, plan and book early.

Each year campervan and motorhome rental companies see the same scenario repeated over and over; travellers who have left it too late desperately trying to get a suitable vehicle.

While the total fleet size of all the rental companies that offer motorhome hire campervans or motorhomes in Australia is quite large, there is a huge number of people wanting to hire these vehicles. Combine a popular destination such as Tasmania with a peak season and all vehicles will be booked out; sometimes months in advance.

While the summer is the main peak season for camper hires there are also other periods that are also extremely busy; the holiday period around the Easter weekend in one obvious example. There are other, localised busy periods that affect the availability of motorhomes.

Motor Race Meetings

Each October there are 2 major race meetings that are extremely popular for motorhome hires. The famous Bathurst car races are on in early October and racegoers from all over flock to Sydney to collect their motorhome and head west to Bathurst. Large motorhomes are the most popular as this provides accommodation and transport for a group of friends attending the race meet.

Motorhomes are moved to Sydney in large numbers to cope with the demand which affects availability in other places like Brisbane or Melbourne. Unless those wishing to hire have booked well in advance there will nothing available during this time.

The same applies to the Phillip Island motorcycle races also held in October. Motorhomes from Melbourne will be very heavily booked.

4WD and Camper Hire During the Dry Season

It is not only the summer months that are busy. The cooler, drier months of June, July and August are the peak season for those wanting to visit the tropical areas of north Australia.

This is also the peak season for 4WD hires as many of the most popular tracks are only accessible at this drier time of year and are often completely closed during the Wet season. If you want to hire a 4WD camper in July then you had better book early or you will miss out.

Discounted Rates

Another reason for booking early is that you can often get a cheaper rate for your hire. Many campervans and motorhomes are offered at cheaper rates for forward bookings under what is known as a flex rate system.

A rental company may be quite happy to offer a cheaper discounted rate for forward bookings 6 month or more in advance. As availability lessens the rate will slowly increase accordingly until the point is reached where there is no longer a discounted rate. Those that get in early get the better rates.

Vehicle Choice

Those that book early will get their preferred choice of camper. Once availability decreases you may have to settle for a vehicle that is less than ideal for your circumstances. Then it becomes a matter of taking what you can get.

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