Burping and How to Resolve it in One Easy Step

Burping is a natural way your body releases gas from digestion. That is, a small amount. Some people burp a lot, far too much for what is considered normal and natural. I’m talking here of the body’s natural expression rather than the forced burping for entertainment. Or what passes for it.

Some people can get a reputation for having to burp all the time, and very noisily at that. This can be a source of embarrassment for the person, or sometimes, their partner.

Taking charcoal tablets can help, but there is a natural substance that will help more and is very easy and acceptable to take.

how to get yourself to burp

The homeopathic medicine Carbo veg has a multitude of important tasks, one of them being the excessive release of gas.

Like all homeopathic medicines, you need to be able to match your unique symptoms with those of the medicine. Only then will your problems melt away, almost unnoticed.

Here is the list of the strong keynotes of Carbo veg:

  • tremendous abdominal bloating with much gas which is relieved by belching or flatus
  • dyspnea (difficult or laboured breathing) from overeating, overindulgence
  • great desire for fresh air – being fanned, air conditioner, outside air, etc
  • worse lying down, must sit up
  • fainting, collapse
  • very cold, but averse to being covered (worse for warmth)
  • oxygen starvation, pale lips, limp

So if you have a tendency for burping, and this relieves the discomfort in your abdomen, then the production of gas is likely to disappear after taking a few doses of Carbo veg.

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