During a discussion with my student about Chinese Astrology Art of Bazi (also known as 4 Pillars), the interest was on why certain people seemed to be quite popular among friends and relatives, but never enjoy the same popularity when it comes to the realm of romantic relationships.

In Bazi, a simple way to gauge a person’s popularity is to look at the Peach Blossom Stars which are represented by the Chinese Zodiac animals, Rat, Horse, Rabbit and Rooster. Peach Blossom in Chinese means romance and many people mistakenly think that these 4 Zodiac animals bazinga represent the Romance Index of the person when actually, it more broadly represents the Popularity Index of this person. Afterall, you need to be popular before you can get involve in a romance. Another common mistake people make is to think the Zodiac Animal can only be captured in one’s year of birth. The fact is that in Bazi, our month, day and hour of birth also throws up another Chinese Zodiac animal each so that each person will have 4 Zodiac animals corresponding with their day and hour of birth. That is also why some people prefer to name Bazi as 4 Pillars studies.

It is true that the Peach Blossom represented by the 4 Zodiac animals represents the Romance Index of that person. A well-known example is the ancient Chinese Emperor Qian Long, is known to have all 4 of the Peach Blossom Zodiac Animals in his 4 Pillars. Well, the facts speak for itself as we all know ancient Chinese Emperors are said to have about 3000 concubines on average.

But what is less widely known is that these Peach Blossom Zodiac animals actually represent Popularity Index as well and that we can further refine the observation to differentiate whether a person is popular choice for romance or merely popular in other aspects. To determine whether one is a popular choice for romance, we have to find out all the 4 Zodiac animals in one’s 4 Pillars. Next, match the Zodiac animal of 3 other pillars against the Zodiac animal of either the year pillar or day pillar. Please refer to this list for the match:

Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Monkey, Rat or Dragon, the peach blossom will be Rooster if found in the remaining 3 pillars.

Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Snake, Rooster or Ox, the peach blossom will be Horse if found in the remaining 3 pillars.

Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Pig, Rabbit or Ram, the peach blossom will be Rat if found in the remaining 3 pillars.

Year or day pillar having Zodiac animal of either Tiger, Horse or Dog, the peach blossom will be Rabbit if found in the remaining 3 pillars.

That is to say, someone whose Bazi fulfills this condition, will generally have no problem getting prospects for romance. People who do not fulfill this condition, yet has plenty of Peach Blossom Zodiac animals in their 4 Pillars will generally be those who are popular with people on a platonic level. Most of the time, such people are the ones that gets snapped up as teammates for project work or gets inundated with requests for help and advice. These people are likely the helpful, useful and capable people that most people look for help or look to rely on.

I hope readers will find this tip on differentiating popularity and romantic index of a person useful.

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