An Out-Of-The-Box Interview

An interview with “The Dancer” who zeek-zooks with reality. This candid conversation between two individuals reveals what many of us are currently experiencing in life. It helps shift perceptions, and will have a powerful impact on how we react to daily life situations.

Larry Le Roi: Tell me where you’re from.

The Dancer: Nowhere, I’m right here!

Larry Le Roi: I mean where do you live?

The Dancer: I live in a great mobile home. It’s worth a zillion dollars. I can take a dip in a Jacuzzi anytime I want. It also has other incredible features. It can dock itself anywhere: on a ship, a train, and even on a Harley Davidson!

Larry Le Roi: What do you mean? On a bike!?

The Dancer: Yes, My mobile home is less than a square foot in size. It’s my skull… right on top here (pointing to the head). I have two front windows (eyes) and two side windows (ears), an air system through these two holes here (nose)…

Larry Le Roi: Oh I see. So you live in your head. You pay any rent for your home?

The Dancer: No. Got it free!Tell me about yourself…

Larry Le Roi: Well, I live in New York. I possess a beautiful home here. Have a wife and two great kids…

The Dancer: They belong to you, the home, wife and kids?

Larry Le Roi: Well, they are mine…

The Dancer: So you own other mobile homes? I don’t own mine. It’s on loan and it will end up in this heap here one day. See… (showing a heap of skulls taken from a picture).

Larry Le Roi: I see… and you’re called Dan, short for Dan-cer?

The Dancer: People call me Dan, but I don’t really have a name. In fact, I’m just a dancer.

Larry Le Roi: What kind of dance do you do? The hip-hop? Or… who do you dance with?

The Dancer: I dance the zeek-zook with Bob! majesty skin

Larry Le Roi: How long have you been dancing?

The Dancer: Ever since I came here.

Larry Le Roi: What were you doing before that?

The Dancer: I was a sprinter! The first spermatozoid to hit the finishing line – and that’s how I got my mobile home. You too, you got yours in another race but you’ve probably forgotten about that. Boy, we were a million times faster the Usain Bolt! But we finished without a title. And someone gave us a name instead.

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