The horse buggies were commonly used to travel and transport passengers in the old age. The first steam engine was designed in the 18th century but proved to be unsuccessful. The people had to wait until the 20th century when the routine buggies were replaced by four wheeled automobiles. Automobiles changed the whole world and thus gave birth to complicated roads and highway systems. The other major issue was the power system or fuel used to drive the car. Also, finding alternative power systems for automobiles became a need.

The modern automobiles are mostly driven on gasoline internal combustion engines that are mounted in the front of vehicle. The engine generates the power by using petrol fuel and the power is transmitted to all four wheels. Diesel fuel is the other alternative power systems for automobiles. The typical automobiles also called as car uses petrol fuel to carry the passengers while larger vehicles that are designed to carry more passengers use diesel fuel system. Engines became more powerful as the days progressed and as a result consumed more fuel in the process. The gasoline internal combustion engines were responsible for air pollution and were considered as the main cause in global warming factor. Also, the fuel rates became unaffordable in modern age.

With the rapid increase in petrol and diesel rates, the alternative power systems for automobiles became the necessity. An alternative fuel engine was developed in 2002 in the United States that used liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). The alternative power system proved to be an ideal and less expensive option than the gasoline powered internal combustion engines. The alternative power system used the same infrastructure and with few modifications, many automobiles around the world started using this alternative power system. Also, LPG and CNG is less expensive option and can be easily filled as you used to fill petrol and diesel.

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