Affiliate marketer dream of quick and big money is not exactly realistic, but although close to possible if following the basic rules of business. Just like in everyday life, the first impression here is crucial. In affiliate marketing the first impression for a customer comes from the landing page. Here you have the priceless 3–5 seconds of initial contact with potential customer to make him/ her fall in love or do not want to see you ever again.

Experts are now revealing the 6 basic design secrets of the successful landing page that generates easy conversions.

The Looks and Feels of the converting landing page that we are to present are based on the analysis of hundreds of excellent performing landing pages of publishers.

Experts underline several basic features of the vision of a well-designed landing page that converts. They call them ‘smart’, including in this definition the relevance to target group main characteristics.

1. Smart colors
Marketers recommend designers to use bright and vivid thiết kế landing page sáng tạo background colors to provoke positive emotions and allow easy navigation with no tension on eyes. The choice of dark or too aggressive colors could drive back potential users, provoking negative emotions or making it hard to read.

2. Smart balance
‘Enough is enough’ is one of the best definitions of balance in terms of quantity. Although a relative notion, ‘enough’ in our case means that we have to be careful to say and show everything we have to, not everything we want to. We have to demonstrate only the things, necessary to provoke our potential customer to action, but nothing more, because we do not want to be boring. Bored potential client never becomes an actual client.

3. Smart organization
When designing our landing page, we always have to remember that its first and most important purpose is to sell a product. Therefore, it is very important to organize all elements always having in mind the things that potential customer would want to read and see in order to decide to purchase or complete other required action.
The basic rule of organization would be the natural order to lead the potential customer from the moment of landing on our page, through the different stages of decision to the completion of the desired action.

4. Smart fonts
Basic, but often underestimated rule of website design is to use reader-friendly fonts, font colors and sizes to facilitate the potential customer. The usage of beautiful, but hard to read fonts influence mostly negative the landing page effect, so experts recommend to avoid them.

5. Smart visuals
Marketers also advise to develop and use original creatives to complete the overall suggestion to potential client. Smart visuals always synchronize with the basic website concept and are illustrative, clear and bring strong message to execute accordingly their role of a main tool within the communication mix.

6. Smart copy/ text
As this article is dedicated to the design solutions in landing page concept, we are not paying special attention to the informational value of the text. What we are saying here is only that the texts are considered to be the most important tool to provoke potential customer to action and therefore should be built with full attention.

From designer point of view, texts on the landing page should represent a functional part of the big picture to strengthen overall landing page messages. The best proportion and landscape of components could be reached only by taking into consideration the visitor — potential customer point of view.

The design of the landing page in affiliate marketing is an extremely responsible job as it defines in great extent the decision for purchase of a potential customer. We have to always base development of each element on the main concept of the landing page to achieve a strong uniform message, conveyed through all accessible tools.

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