Your center of focus is your client… always!

A good event starts with a good plan. It’s always recommended to conduct a few sessions with your client and efficiently note down the original purpose of holding the event in question. What their great expectations are, what they aim to achieve with this event. The purpose of the event has to be clearly defined and rests of the actions have to be aligned with this purpose of holding the event. Preferences of clients should be placed at the center of all actions and everything in the event should reflect the choice and likings of your client.

2: Share your experiences

Your client could be anyone. An individual, businessman, family owned business house or a renowned corporate with global presence. Do not hesitate to share your experiences with your clients since they are not aware of technicalities of event planning and execution. It serves best in your and your clients’ interest to understand and arrive at clearly defined process and theme of the event envisaged.

3. Communicate

Always make it a point to designate an executive to prepare minutes of the meetings you hold with your clients and even for your internal meetings. This helps you communicate about what all was discussed, what all was agreed upon and much more. It becomes a confidence building measure within team as everything is well documented and communicated leaving no space for ambiguity. It’s at times advisable to share internal meeting minutes with the clients as they become well aware of the developments and can contribute with precious inputs on their event in the question.

4. It takes a team to host a successful event

Always make sure that your entire team for the project is well aware of the requirements for the proposed event. Great events are planned and executed with an efficient team. Make it a point to have a team of people to whom you can confidently delegate various responsibilities. Trying to take more and more responsibilities on your shoulders is definitely going to make the entire process more complex and impractical. With a great team in place, with clearly defined roles can help you produce great events and pleasant memories.

5: Regular follow ups

On many occasions, things do not move as planned or outcomes of certain actions require certain attentions from the team of planners. Make it a habit to have regular follow-up meetings with your team. It makes everyone aware of what all has been achieved and what is left out to be completed or requires more attention. This way you minimize any possibility of leaving loose ends which could affect the overall outcome of the event. It also acts a confidence building measu

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