7 Fatal Keyword Research Mistakes You Can Make When Marketing Offline Services Online

Keyword research is the most important prerequisite of a successful internet marketing plan. It is especially important for offline service firms looking to generate leads and clients through their online marketing efforts. Here are 7 fatal mistakes businesses make in keyword research.

1. Sloppy Customer Research

More than any other thing, it is important to know your target customer, their most important problems and the language and phrases they use to describe those problems. The effectiveness of internet marketing is directly related to your ability to map out your target customer’s problems as expressed in their own verbiage. The words and phrases of this customer language must be clear to you.

Any missteps in your customer research will dampen the effectiveness of your websites, your pay per click ads, and any other marketing channels you employ online.

2. Disconnect to Marketing and Sales Process

Businesses often fail to connect their online content to their offline business communications and marketing message. Very often, entrepreneurs will stray to sharing content on subjects outside their marketing message. While these may generate a following, or even consistent web traffic, they end up with content that does not draw leads and partners into the sales process.

3. Being too broad

The single best way to gain positive returns from your keyword research is to stay narrowly focused on the top 3 to 5 problems of a target customer profile. Narrowly focusing on a small set of problems of a select group helps make your content more attractive and more viral. It is also far easier to develop a large base of content in 1 topic area than in 100.

4. Not Using a Keyword Generator tool

A keyword generator tool allows you to generate lots of synonymous terms for your website, blog, article or media content. This allows you far greater effectiveness in generating original content that effectively attracts traffic and links. If your primary content platform is your website, using a generation tool will allow your website to be found for many different variants of the same useful concept.

5. Not Using a Keyword Analysis tool

Analysis tools go beyond generating synonyms

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. A good analysis tool will give you access to demand and supply numbers, traffic metrics, and even possible advertising revenue numbers.

6. Not identifying “buyer” keyword

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