Have you achieved your digital marketing goals?

Have your local SEO campaigns been successful? Not yet? It might be wise to do a quarterly business review to check whether you should continue working with the present digital strategy or adjust it for the next quarter.

So what are the factors that you’ll be looking for in the quarterly business review (QBR)? Compare the goals that you had initially set and the overall performance of your Local SEO program. This is best done by feeding all the data in an excel sheet and then comparing the data with previous years and quarters.

5 Steps to Measure the Success of your Local SEO Campaign

We’ll discuss some factors that need to be reviewed to measure Your Local News how successful your SEO campaign has been.

1. Overall Traffic Review: Take data for the overall traffic (from the analytics platform you are using) your website received for a specific time frame and compare it to the same time frame last year. It is good to track year-by-year or quarter-by quarter percent change in the overall traffic to measure the performance. Google analytics is very useful to track such data since you get comprehensive information about the traffic, channels from where they came, etc.

2. Conversions & Profit Review: If yours is an e-commerce website the best method to measure the performance is by tracking the order and revenue on a year-by-year basis. Determine the conversion rate (by measuring traffic and orders) and compare it with the previous years.

3. Mobile Traffic Review: Google is launching its new mobile algorithm, so it is very important to track what amount of traffic you get from mobile. You can adjust your campaigns for better mobile strategies so that you direct a handsome share of the mobile traffic towards your website. You can track mobile traffic with help of Google Analytics. It shows percentages of mobile, tablet and desktop traffic. If you see that you are getting significant traffic from mobile, you need to make your website mobile-friendly, so that you get even more traffic from this source.

4. New Vs. Returning Visitors: Another parameter that should be measured is the new Vs. Returning visitor ratio. This shows how many loyal customers/ visitors you have. The more loyal customers you have more your business is expected to flourish.

5. Referral Traffic: Measuring referral traffic is important to see how your Local SEO campaign is performing. Measure the present data with previous years or quarters and see whether the results are positive. If not you may have to adjust your program towards optimizing your site for local sites like Yelp and Google Maps.

Now that you have all data in hand, you have to compare all these to previous time-frames to check how your site is performing. If all the figures are better than previous years/ quarters, it is good news and it shows you are on the right track. But that doesn’t mean there’s no space for improvement or that you’ll stop working and still expect the progress to continue.

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