Changing ‘truth’ in Science

Oldest Skeleton in the Americas Another interesting article out of National Geographic, this time finding the oldest human skeleton found on the American continent.  Early indications are that it will challenge the long held teaching that the earliest settlers of the Americas came from North Asia, this skeleton believed to be most similar to Southeast Asians.  […]

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Archaeology in Israel

I went to a guest lecture last week, pulled in by the title: “The New Biblical Archaeology–The Future of the Past”.  The presenter was Prof. Aren M. Maeir (a blogger himself) of the Institute of Archeology Bar Ilan University.  In a field which is full of hot-topics and various groups with special interests I found him to be objective, […]

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MIA, time to blame

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted in this forum, not due to the absence of thoughts nor to an end of seeking, let me assure you.  I’ve simply been struggling to find balance ever since starting a new job back in September.  My independent writing career, aka blogging and commenting, has taken […]

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Nothingness vs. Somethingness

First, I want to recognize for myself, regarding the title of my last post, that time is not to blame, we all have the same amount of time in a day and it boils down to priorities and how we choose to spend our time.  For now I would like to write again to capture […]

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Why community college students quit despite being almost finished

Community colleges are designed to make college more accessible, yet 6 out of every 10 community college students cannot reap the full rewards of higher education because they do not earn their degree. For graduates, rewards often include making more money. For society, the reward is citizens who are more likely to vote, volunteer and pay more in taxes. Among community college […]

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